Courageous and Victorious Despite Five-Year Ban in Russia

April 20, 2022, will mark the fifth anniversary of Russia’s unjust ban on the activities of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Russian authorities have intensified the persecution each year since the ban was established—at times even resorting to torture. Yet, as shown by the reports on, our dear brothers and sisters have courageously endured.

April 20, 2017: Judge Ivanenko of Russia’s Supreme Court announces decision to shut down the legal entities of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia and Crimea

Brother Dennis Christensen, who has been behind bars for nearly five years, has set a fine example. Immediately after losing his appeal in May 2019, he calmly and confidently spoke to all of the brothers and sisters who came to support him in court, saying: “I’ve tried to serve Jehovah the best way that I could. I will do that forever.”

Brother Igor Turik has the same determination. He recalls meeting Brother Nikolay Kalibaba, who was persecuted during the Soviet era. Nikolay taught Igor that trials allow Jehovah’s people to see how he provides assistance. Igor relates, “It was clear to me that it is a privilege to suffer for the faith.” Igor continues to endure as he serves a seven-year suspended prison sentence.

Brother Yevgeniy Fedin explains his conviction: “Now is not the time to fight for personal justice. We need to give a witness—Jehovah will restore justice. We are fighting for a blessing . . . These thoughts help me to have the right attitude toward these trials, regardless of their outcome. Each trial is an opportunity to glorify Jehovah and give a witness.” continue reading here

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