Sharing Hope Through Letters & Drawings

Following their decision to suspend in-person preaching in response to Covid-19, Jehovah’s Witness have shifted to “sharing a positive Bible message with their neighbours through letters and phone calls.”

A spokesperson said, “With her bouquet of colourful pencils and writing materials, 14-year-old Sarah Marshall finishes the letter she is working on. In another parish, 13-year-old Makeila Wainwright sits at her table writing to members of her community in Southampton, Bermuda.

“Once their homework is said and done, on weekends and school breaks, Sarah and Makeila both enjoy bringing hope and encouragement to their neighbours through their letters and drawings.”

I think that it makes other people happy when they know that someone took the time to draw something for them,” says Sarah.

he children’s efforts have touched hearts.

“I want you to know that I received your letter, and it brought tears to my eyes,” wrote an older woman in response to Makeila’s letter. “I could feel the love that only our God can bring.”

“Theirs are just two of many of Jehovah’s Witness families using the challenges of the pandemic to help teach their children powerful object lessons in compassion and community service,” a spokesperson explained.

“Love of neighbour is a central tenet of Christianity for Jehovah’s Witnesses. It is the driving force behind the organization’s public ministry as well as its decision in March 2020 to suspend in-person preaching in response to Covid-19. Since then, Witnesses, young and old have shifted to sharing a positive Bible message with their neighbours through letters and phone calls.

“Jesus taught that there’s more happiness in giving than in receiving,” said Robert Hendriks III, U.S. spokesman for the organization. “So, when children are taught to recognize the needs of others and reach out to them from the heart, they are learning life skills that will contribute to a happy life and also benefit society at large.”

“Sarah’s dad, Ernest Marshall, has found the resources from the organization, including the books, articles and videos on its official website,, to be helpful.

“Being a parent, our children did not come with an instruction manual. However, between God’s word the Bible and timely information from our organization, we have seen our daughters blossom into caring and appreciative young people.”

“In 2013, Jehovah’s Witnesses debuted a video series designed to help parents cultivate qualities like kindness and empathy in young children. The animated adventures of Caleb and Sophia, a lovable brother-sister duo, teach lessons in everything from sharing with others to respecting people of all races. These series and more can be found on”