Jehovah’s Witnesses release Jesus Christ Series Episode 1

*Jehovah’s Witnesses announce the release of an epic all-volunteer production with an 18-episode comprehensive look at the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, his personality, and interactions with people

A Christian organisation, Jehovah’s Witnesses, has released an epic all-volunteer production portraying Jesus Christ’s Life and Teachings.

The production, which was released May 2024, has an 18-episode comprehensive look at the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, His personality, and interactions with people.

Ezekiel Bolaji, Regional Spokesman of Jehovah’s Witnesses, disclosed the Episode 1 is released as a special feature of the 2024 “Declare the Good News!” conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses, while subsequent episodes will be released at future conventions.

Bolaji stated: “We are excited to release this to the public after years of planning and set construction.

“We truly believe that this series will touch the hearts of millions of people in ways no other drama about Jesus Christ ever has.”

The Regional Spokesman also disclosed that cameras began rolling in May 2022 at the national headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses, in Australia, where over 500 volunteers constructed over 75,000 square feet of historically-accurate sets.

He explained the sets also featured animals mentioned in the Bible, such as donkeys, sheep, pigeons and camels.

Some scenes were even shot on locations in the Judean wilderness in Israel, he stated.

Bolaji further said: “The release happens just weeks after the Witnesses commemorated their most important day of the year, the memorial of the death of Jesus Christ held on March 24, 2024.”

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