Local reports claim 56-year-old woman died an hour after Greece's public power company cut her off over her debt as relatives file lawsuit over her death

A 56-year-old quadriplegic woman on life support died on Wednesday, allegedly because Greece's public utility cut the power off due to her unpaid bills.

According to the state-run Athens News Agency, the woman living in Chania, on the island of Crete, facing serious health problems the last 15 years, died one hour after the Public Power Corporation of Greece (PPC) cut off the electricity supply to her home because of her debt.

Her relatives have filed a lawsuit against those they consider responsible.

An autopsy is to determine the exact reasons for her death.

PPC expressed its condolences to the family, and told AFP that the bill was not issued in the woman's name but did not say to whom it was addressed.

"We were given no information about the health status of the woman," PPC's spokesman said.

"Her family hadn't even applied for the special status accorded to people on life support," he added.

Public Power Corporation of Greece announced last week electricity rate increases up to 11 per cent for household customers starting July 25.

Nevertheless the company has set different rates as well as different treatment for special groups of citizens, such as those who are in need of life support or the unemployed.

Crisis-hit Greek households are finding it increasingly difficult to pay their electricity bills.

According to PPC data, total debt from unpaid bills currently total some 1.3 billion euros (£1 billion).

The amount is growing at an average rate of 4 million euros (£3.2 million) per day.

Edited by Steve Wilson
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2011 Oct 01 - Annual Meeting Notes PDF Print E-mail

The new year text is John 17:17 “Your Word Is Truth

World headquarters will move to Warwick NY.

The land at Tuxedo will be used for temporary housing and construction staging

At District Conventions they will no longer have meetings for applicants for Gilead.  They will only have ‘Meetings for Christian Couples’.  In the future, all applicants for Gilead will be from those in special service [Ex - Special Pioneers, Traveling Work or Bethelites] 

After Sept 2012, ‘School for Christian Couples’ will also be held at other branches thru out world

Milestone reached in July 2011 - NWT available in whole or part in 100 languages. Since July have added 7 more languages = 107 Now. 

Special Pioneers and MTS’s will be sent to remote areas on a temporary assignment for 1 year  - if lots of progress may extend another year up to 3 years = then may be permanent assignment 

Had reports from Japan and Mexico (with merging of several branches into Mexico branch)
Reports on legal victories in Japan and Armenia

Under "get acquainted" part of program, Mark Sanderson and Zone Overseer interviewed 5 sisters who had been married to members of Governing Body that had died - Suiter, Barry, Sydlik, Jaracz and Barber.  Then sang Song #86 ‘Faithful Women’ - very touching 

Had a video presentation of expansions at Wallkill, Patterson and proposed Warwick facilities 

Lots of good talks
 - Respect For God's Word
 - Stay In Your Place in the Organization
 - Beware of Roaring Lion      
Total attendance in USA and Canada = 18,592


Bro Loesch, the chairman, said that there are good reasons to circulate transcripts or our personal notes, the sharing of points is absolutely permitted! Of course, we'll get the reports of this meeting via WT articles and study articles soon in the future.

Two highlights: big expansion of Wallkill to last through 2013, including the construction of a 3-story office complex, and World Headquarters (not the US branch) will be moving out of Brooklyn to Warwick, NY, pending approval of construction there. Our prayers for Jehovah's direction were encouraged.

Second is that the emphasis will be given to more experienced workers in the field (goal of Bible School for Single Brothers / Christian Couples), and to have seasoned and experienced brothers & couples serve as a stabilizing influence in the more densely populated areas (Gilead School). Gilead School thus has a new role: only those in special full-time service (Bethel, missionaries, special pios, TOs) will be invited, based on branch recommendations. These will in turn be assigned to areas where the maximum no. of brothers and sisters will benefit from their experience and special training.

Of course, these are from my notes. We await the future announcements in print.

Just a clarification regarding the "change of focus" of Gilead: Bro. Morris mentioned that the Bible School for Christian Couples will begin to be held in other branch territories in Sept 2012. Thus, while it seems that Gilead will be "invitation only", there will be many, many more opportunities for couples to receive theocratic training.

On a technological note (this is t-tools, after all), there were some wonderful video presentations too, one of them being a summary of legal victories enjoyed during the past year. Personally, I'm resolved to watch the video presentations on jw-media.org more closely. The AV department will be receiving expanded facilities at Patterson, so I'm sure we'll be receiving lots more of instructive, high-quality "goodies" via jw.org and via our congregations.