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As you see the website JwForum.net has Google advertisement on the post area and Left Side.

Many brothers are surprised to see "unwanted" links from business products and other stuff.

I would like to explain that theses advertisements that you see there are posted randomly by "Google Ads" not me.

Google Ads returns the advertisement based on the following:

1 - Your physical location
2 - Your Internet Browser History
3 - Your most recent online activity
4 - The website/page content that you are reading
5 - Your age, genre and status based on your Google Account
6 - Cookies from visited websites stored in your computer/phone/device.

Please understand that Google focus on your browser history, cookies from others visited websites, recent online activity and searches terms/words to return ads that you might like to see and learn more.

The same ads you see on any other websites sponsored by Google. i.e. Youtube, Blogs, Forums, etc..

To avoid unwanted advertisements you MUST clean your computer cache and cookies stored in your browser.

Try this:

1. Clean your computer browser history and cookies and return to the website.
You wont see the same ads again because your computer cache/history are clean.
Google will print new "ads" and will start showing ads based on your new online activity.
Google will collect your new online activity to return the most likely products that you might want to learn more about.

2. How to clean your computer cache:
Try CCleaner to clean your computer cache from old history and cookies. This is safe for all to use.
3. You can download a free version at http://www.filehippo.com

Please understand that Google ads help me a little to pay the hosted server.
Fiskilis Agelos