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The United States Branch Committee has provided the following information regarding our brothers affected by the numerous wildfires reported in Northern California, as well as the fast-moving brush fire that has scorched Southern California.


Northern California: The United States branch office has contacted the circuit overseers in and around the counties of Mendocino, Napa, and Sonoma, and they report that all of our brothers are safe, although one publisher has been injured. Some 700 of our brothers have had to evacuate, while some 2,000 more are ready to leave should the need arise. All of our displaced brothers have been accommodated by fellow Witnesses in safer locations. Thus far, we have confirmed that one Kingdom Hall and three homes of our brothers have been destroyed. Additionally, 22 homes have sustained major damage and 32 have sustained minor damage. The circuit overseers are taking the lead to provide much-needed encouragement and support.

Southern California: In the Anaheim area, a total of 25 Witness families have been evacuated, with no injuries to our brothers. All those evacuated have been accommodated in the homes of fellow Witnesses. There have been no reports of damage to any of our brothers’ homes or Kingdom Halls.

We are confident that Jehovah will prove to be a “secure refuge” for all those affected during this time of distress.—Psalm 9:9, 10.

Media Contact:

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