Would you like to know what happens after God has cleansed the earth of the ungodly? Many people believe God is going to destroy our planet earth but this not a biblical teaching. The Bible promises he will protect those who love him and serve him.

By watching this video you will picture yourself there with all the rest of the armageddon survivors. This is day one after Armageddon. Please get yourself some tissues because you will definatelly share some tears. of joy

see video here


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District Convention Notebooks & Kid's DC Notebooks PDF Print E-mail
District Convention Notebooks & Kid's DC Notebooks

Here are some notebooks for the upcoming “Stay Close To Jehovah” District Assembly. The children’s notebooks come with puzzles, questions, diagrams, pictures, you name it .The one I like is the full size Adult's Notebook.

Download Files here
http://jwforum.net/doc/2010_DC/ or here for Greek Lang ...